Who is Caddle?

Founded in 2015, Caddle’s mission is to create a transparent, friction-free marketplace for consumers and brands to exchange data for value.

How Does Caddle Work?

Caddle democratizes access to consumer data and insights.

Caddle is a free app that rewards consumers for engaging with brands and sharing their data. In return, brands get access to data and insights to enable them to make better decisions, faster. Caddle has a diverse set of tools including survey, photo and receipt capture, and reviews. These tools are used in different configurations and sequences to collect robust data at every stage of the consumer journey. Data that has traditionally been too niche, too difficult, too time consuming, or too cost prohibitive to collect. Caddle’s disruptive and unique rewarded-based model enables an empowering and transparent marketplace that helps bridge the gaps between brands and consumers.

Simply put, we help our clients make better decisions, faster.

How is Caddle Different?

Caddle is trusted by the largest brands in the world because of our market-leading speed, cost, and above all else – the scale and diversity of our first-party panel. Caddle’s disruptive mobile-first model attracts Canadians from every walk of life, enabling brands unprecedented access to consumers at every stage of the consumer journey.

Caddle’s team includes decades of expertise in custom research, allowing us to provide full-service end-to-end solutions from survey design, all the way through to in-depth custom analysis. Whether it’s a short concept or claims test, virtual qualitative, or a full U&A or segmentation analysis, Caddle supports our clients from start to finish.