Who is Caddle?

Founded in 2015, Caddle’s mission is to create a transparent, friction-free marketplace for consumers and brands to exchange data for value.

How Does Caddle Work?

Caddle democratizes access to consumer data and insights.

Caddle is a free app that rewards consumers for engaging with brands and sharing their data. In return, brands get access to data and insights to enable them to make better decisions, faster. Caddle has a diverse set of tools including survey, photo and receipt capture, and reviews. These tools are used in different configurations and sequences to collect robust data at every stage of the consumer journey. Data that has traditionally been too niche, too difficult, too time consuming, or too cost prohibitive to collect. Caddle’s disruptive and unique rewarded-based model enables an empowering and transparent marketplace that helps bridge the gaps between brands and consumers.

Simply put, we help our clients make better decisions, faster.

How is Caddle Different?

Caddle is trusted by the largest brands in the world because of our market-leading speed, cost, and above all else – the scale and diversity of our first-party panel. Caddle’s disruptive mobile-first model attracts Canadians from every walk of life, enabling brands unprecedented access to consumers at every stage of the consumer journey.

Caddle’s team includes decades of expertise in custom research, allowing us to provide full-service end-to-end solutions from survey design, all the way through to in-depth custom analysis. Whether it’s a short concept or claims test, virtual qualitative, or a full U&A or segmentation analysis, Caddle supports our clients from start to finish.


“Deliver a secure, transparent, friction free marketplace that empowers Caddle Members and Clients to exchange data for value.”

Our Team

Meet Caddle’s team of experts to help you make better decisions, faster!

Ransom Hawley
Ransom HawleyCEO
Colleen Martin
Colleen MartinCRO
Robyn Ashton
Robyn AshtonCOO
Mark Smith
Mark SmithVP, Brand Partnerships
Anuj Punni
Anuj Punni Sales
Jaime Price
Jaime PriceProduct
David Gilbert
David GilbertTechnology
Amy Gabrielli
Amy GabrielliOperations
Ryan Robillard
Ryan RobillardOperations
Siddhartha Suman
Siddhartha SumanOperations
Kathryn Collins
Kathryn CollinsProduct
Shauna Gayle-Robinson
Shauna Gayle-RobinsonProduct
Mathew Erwin
Mathew ErwinOperations
Paul Gifford
Paul GiffordProduct
Tanmay Perti
Tanmay PertiMarketing
Natasha Poley
Natasha PoleyMarketing
Andrew Markell
Andrew MarkellTechnology
Jesper Choi
Jesper ChoiRevenue Ops
Emily Graham
Emily GrahamFinance
Camille Kennedy
Camille KennedyAdvisor
Mick Higgins
Mick HigginsAdvisor
Stella + Stevie
Stella + StevieCompany Mascots
MayaChief Snuggle Officer


Caddle has an amazing team who get excited about processes, love innovation, enjoy learning and live for being creative. We are constantly growing and always interested in hearing from people who want to work at Caddle with brands to achieve success through quality data. We welcome diverse applicants with a variety of interests, so be sure to check back for opportunities frequently! We currently have the following open positions. We do accept resumes ongoing for future roles so feel free to get in touch here.


Vice President, Brand Partnerships

Caddle is looking for an adept VP of Brand Partnerships to help spearhead our sales strategies, foster strategic alliances, and drive revenue growth. Your primary focus will revolve around the realms of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and Retail, expanding existing partnerships while charting new territories with prospective clients.


All data presented has a Margin of Error of 1% or lower.

Caddle is the largest daily active survey panel in the Canadian Market, with over 10,000+ Daily Active Users and 100,000+ Monthly Active Users. Our panel is the largest daily and monthly active panel in Canada, with unmatched diversity as validated through third party providers. Caddle empowers brand and insights leaders to gain rapid access to data and insights from Canadians from all walks of life across the entire consumer journey. Ask us how we’ve partnered with Canada’s largest CPGs, retailers, and insights firms to gain access to large Canadian representative samples and micro-niche audiences alike.