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“One of the key levers we use when we can’t always get organic reviews is our sampling program, where Caddle has been a great partner on the program, they really have a solid place in that program, where they provide the ease that other vendors cant for sampling and generating reviews.”

Shariq Hasan, eCommerce UGC Lead, Walmart

“Caddle has been an amazing company to work with so far. As a partner, they truly understand what we are trying to achieve as a Lab focused on the future of food.”

Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, Scientific Director, Agri-Food Analytics Lab

“Consumer experience in-store and online is determining where and how consumers shop. Having a good understanding of your consumers’ habits is a core competitive advantage moving forward. Collecting regular research and insights helps us stay ahead.”

Ryan Waddington, Managing Director, Marketing Development Organization, Purina

“When it comes to getting quick, reliable feedback from our consumers, the team at Caddle have been excellent partners. We’ve worked with Caddle on a handful of varied projects, and have been extremely happy with the results – the insights, support from their team, and creative problem solving.”

Jordan Cusner, Senior Manager, Consumer and Market Insight, McCormick & Company, Inc.

“Caddle helps provide Nielsen access to niche Canadian audiences, robust and in-depth data, and delivers with exceptional speed.”

Richard Lee, Vice President, Business Development, Nielsen

“Grocery trends are changing and evolving and so is our need for regular data on our shoppers.”

Kevin Mahoney, Insights Director, Kellogg's

“Ratings and reviews are very important as the economy opens back up and the eCommerce competitive environment continues to accelerate. Cultivating ratings and reviews for our products is critical.”

Kristina Rapljenovic, Assistant Marketing Manager, Nestlé

“Caddle provided us with a simple, cost effective, and credible method to get ratings and reviews quickly and seamlessly. They provided valuable insights and offered us exceptional service. They were true partners from start to finish.”

David Suske, VP Marketing, Premier Tech Home & Garden

“Caddle doesn’t simply provide insight tools, they serve as an external marketing partner by generously and creatively workshopping and iterating your campaigns. Boutique service with big firm know-how.”

Stephanie Howarth, Co-founder, Mad Radish