We Work With the Best Brands in the World

At Caddle, we are proud to say we work with the best brands in the world, offering access to rapid insights across the entire path to purchase. From large CPG brands like Coca-Cola, Nestlé, and Pepsico, to major retailers like Loblaws, Canadian Tire, Sobeys, and Walmart, we help brands of all sizes find the right solutions to understanding the Canadian consumer landscape.

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eCommerce Presence with Ratings & Reviews

Challenge & Solution

Nestlé needed to quickly establish an eCommerce presence through Ratings & Reviews after a series of new innovations into the market. Within weeks, Caddle drove trial and collected R&Rs from Nestlé core consumers to populate Nestlé native websites as well as National grocery retail websites.

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Brand Lift

Challenge & Solution

Movia measures conversion and overall impact on consumers’ intent to purchase, convert, and/or consume using its mobile billboards. Caddle was approached to partner with Movia to provide insights on the target markets’ habits and the ‘why’ behind Canadian consumers’ behaviour.

Tracking Longitudinal Digital Ad Attribution

Challenge & Solution

P&G innovation requires assessment of the most effective ad creative. Caddle’s closed-loop attribution provided the brand team with a definitive direction on which ad drove the highest purchase conversion to empower the team’s future digital advertising activities.

Competitive Brand Positioning

Challenge & Solution

Domino’s was in need of better competitive brand positioning and consumer profiling. Caddle identified and segmented 5 competitive pizza restaurant consumers using our Survey, Receipt Capture, and Re-Engage tools, empowering Domino’s to conduct further competitive Profile and Segmentation Analysis.

Insights to Drive Innovation Success

Challenge & Solution

The PepsiCo Insights team needed data immediately after a new product launch to understand the product experience. Caddle was able to derive targeted insights pre- and post-purchase, along with in-store trial, to inform the Brand team of consumer’s “first experience” with the product.

Expand Retailer Distribution

Challenge & Solution

KIND needed to understand the opportunity, pricing, and purchase intent of a new channel. Caddle was able to get market validation through video and survey tools, empowering KIND to secure pilot distribution.

Customer Experience & New Product Launches

Challenge & Solution

Canopy launched a new brand and was seeking to understand product experience. In a new category with almost no data available, Caddle created a niche panel of several hundred Canadians and provided Canopy with customer experience data for their brand + benchmarking data from competitors.

Higher Converting Shopper Programs

Challenge & Solution

About to launch a shelf blade program at a major retailer, Nestlé Purina needed to understand which blade design and claims drove the highest conversion. Caddle provided targeted data with definitive insights on how to support optimal execution to drive category growth within days.

Cross-Retailer Planogram Optimization

Challenge & Solution

The Category Insights team needed data to inform the buyer of optimal planogram merchandising. Using Caddle’s receipt solution, fresh shopper intelligence was used to inform and improve category sales and customer experience, as well as provide valuable competitive shopper intelligence.


“One of the key levers we use when we can’t always get organic reviews is our sampling program, where Caddle has been a great partner on the program, they really have a solid place in that program, where they provide the ease that other vendors cant for sampling and generating reviews.”

Shariq Hasan, eCommerce UGC Lead, Walmart

“Caddle has been an amazing company to work with so far. As a partner, they truly understand what we are trying to achieve as a Lab focused on the future of food.”

Dr. Sylvain Charlebois, Scientific Director, Agri-F