Last updated on July 6, 2021

According to IBISWorld,

There has been conflicting trends over last five years to 2020, hampering the Cereal Production industry in Canada. Demand has waned for cereal products as consumers shifted to pricier breakfasts as disposable incomes recovered. Moreover, as people returned to work, they had less time to prepare breakfast. Instead, Canadians opted to buy food at cafes or coffee shops, decreasing demand for cereal.

What’s more, diet trends are on the rise, with intermittent fasting being the most popular diet trend among consumers. 40% of consumers have already tried intermittent fasting, with breakfast being the most likely meal they give up. This may be the new cereal killer threatening the humble cereal category.

What does this mean for cereal brands? Caddle asked the questions and here are the answers:

Have you heard the phrase: Good habits start in the morning? Well, Caddle found out that consumers who eat cereal for breakfast are stickier compared to consumers who eat cereal as a snack throughout the day.

How often do you eat cereal?