Last updated on May 10, 2022

Caddle Inc. negotiating deal with four of Canada’s top investors

“It’s hard to imagine any animal emerging victorious against a den of dragons. Just don’t tell that to this rare breed of Caddle.”

The founders of Caddle, Inc. — a digital couponing app — appeared on CBC’s Dragons’ Den on Oct. 12. And they certainly had their fairy-tale ending.Caddle was seeking $125,000 for a 15per-cent stake in the company. After two dragon offers that included $120,000 for 20 per cent, the startup tried to lure all four dragons into their lair. In the end, four out of the five dragons came together to make a deal — offering to invest $125,000 in Caddle for 28 per cent of the company. The reality TV icons set the price higher given the group commitment.

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