Last updated on November 25, 2021

Black Friday: The busiest shopping day of the year with the biggest sales, best deals and huge discounts is finally upon us and Caddle wants to know how Canadians are feeling!

When it comes to awareness around Black Friday, a majority of Canadians (36.4%) “Know it well” while 33.2% “Know a fair amount” and 20.7% “Know a little”. 

With this in mind, Caddle asked our Daily Survey Panel about their thoughts on Black Friday.

Why Do Canadians Participate in Black Friday? 

Caddle discovered that the top reason for Canadians to participate in Black Friday is “To save money” (54.9%), followed by “An excuse to shop” (21.6%) and “To buy late gifts” (10.2%). 

What is Motivating Canadians to Buy?

Most Canadians shop on Black Friday, and as we’ve seen, a big reason to purchase is low prices. However, when asked “What is the most important to you when you consider purchasing for Black Friday, excluding price?”, the majority of Canadians (62.7%) answered “Value”. This comes as no surprise as all consumers are looking to get their money’s worth. 

Where to Shop? 

Every retailer tries to offer a deal no one can resist on Black Friday, so we wanted to know which stores Canadians will be shopping at this year. When asked “Where are you most likely to shop for Black Friday?”most Canadians (22.1%) answered “Online retailers ( or” out of which the majority were Millennials (25%). The second most popular retailer was Walmart with 19.6% of Canadians shopping there this year. 

How Much is Too Much? 

It is easy to get carried away while shopping, especially if there is a big, bold “Sale” sign at every store. H