Last updated on May 10, 2022

With ad-blocking on the rise, one mobile company is offering to reward users with cash and coupons for watching ads.

Could a bribe be the answer to ad-blockers? Canadian start-up Caddle thinks so, and it’s making its case to the Dragons on CBC’s Dragons’ Den. 

Caddle is a St.Catharine’s, ON-based mobile app company, founded in early 2016, that offers consumers rewards to watch ads. Those who watch the videos from Caddle’s partners (its portfolio includes Pedigree, Source for Sports, South St. Burgers and new clients Tropicana and Oikos) are rewarded with coupons, money in their Caddle account or they can cash out and receive a cheque. It also rewards consumers for taking surveys.

Read more in the article by mediaincanada!

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