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Last updated on March 9, 2022

Grocery delivery companies such as  Instacart have been proliferating during COVID-19; however, with increasing popularity comes increasing challenges and Caddle is here to share what those challenges are

According to Statista, the retail e-commerce revenue in Canada was $32 billion USD in 2021, with food and beverage sales accounting for 2.9% of it.

Keeping this in mind, Caddle asked our Daily Survey Panel about their thoughts on Instacart.

Barriers for Instacart

Caddle asked their panel what’s stopping them from using Instacart for grocery deliveries and the top answer was “I think it’s too expensive” (57%), followed by “I prefer going to the store myself” (32%) and “I don’t like someone else shopping for me” (17%).

Chart showing reasons for users not using the instacart app

Instacart Hits a Speed Bump

For most companies today, especially tech companies, it is essential to understand what users like and dislike about the platform. Caddle wanted to know the Instacart users’ least favorite thing about it and the top answer was “High prices compared to in-store” (44%), followed by “Shoppers’ inability to pick good fruits/vegetables” (22%) and “Shoppers’ inability to pick good Meat” (11%). 

Chart showing users least favourite thing about Instacart

Is the Post-COVID-19 Era an Opportunity?

Grocery delivery services grew in the COVID-19 era. However, Caddle discovered a higher proportion of users in Q4 2020 who have been, and plan to continue to be, core Instacart users regardless of the pandemic context. Primary users increased their usage from 38% before COVID-19 to 44% post-COVID-19. 

Brand is Important for Instacart Users

Despite the barriers, Instacart has been growing post-COVID-19; one of the reasons could be the various brands offered. When asked what they primarily shop by on the Instacart app, and the top answer by users was – “Brand” (38%), followed by “Type of product” (26%) and “Sales/promotion items” (14%). 

Chart showing wha users look for when shopping on the instacart app

Main Takeaways

No.1 |

User’s least favourite thing about Instacart is high prices compared to in-store (44%), followed by shoppers’ inability to pick good fruits/vegetables  (22%) and meat (11%). 

No.2 |

There is a Post-COVID-19 opportunity for Instacart as primary users increased their usage from 38% before COVID-19 to 44% post-COVID-19. 

No.3 |

Instacart’s most important feature is the variety of brands as users primarily shop by brand (38%), followed by type of product (26%) and sales/promotion items (14%).

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