Last updated on December 7, 2021

Live shopping is where video live streaming meets e-Commerce and social media. It isn’t a new concept, but it’s currently making headlines around the world. Brands across fashion, homeware, beauty and many more are trying their hand at engaging shoppers in a new way.

Keeping this in mind, Caddle asked our Daily Survey Panel about their thoughts on live shopping. 

How Interested are Canadians in Live Shopping? 

Caddle discovered that only 25.4% of Canadians had a positive interest towards attending a live shopping event while 54.3% of Canadians were “Not at all interested” and 20.3% were “Somewhere in between”. 

Moreover, when asked about how likely they were to buy something from the live shopping event, 24% of Canadians were likely to make a purchase as compared to the 29.9% who answered they would “Definitely not buy”.