Last updated on October 6, 2021

How Canadians feel about Thanksgiving

With COVID-19 dampening the holiday spirit last year, Canadians are hopeful to continue traditional holiday festivities this year – starting with Thanksgiving. According to Caddle’s survey, approximately 87% of Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving, making it the second most popular holiday in Canada after Christmas! While Canadians plan to celebrate, many have mixed emotions about the holidays, with the top two emotions being ‘unsure’ (25%), and ‘excited’ (22.6%). With this in mind, Caddle asked our Daily Survey Panel of 8,100 Canadians about their thoughts on Thanksgiving.

Why Do Canadians Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Caddle discovered that the top reason for Canadians to celebrate Thanksgiving is to spend quality time with family and friends (67.4%), followed by expressing gratitude (30.3%) and celebrating the autumn season (14%).