Last updated on November 9, 2021

Green business sells: how to increase brand awareness

It seems like our phones are rising in notifications about climate change just as fast as global temperatures are rising. From Greta Thunberg to the Australian Wildfires the constant reminder about how our planet is in a global crisis is almost unsurprising at this point. 

Climate change is a very real and topical conversation that is happening among the world right now and Canadians are particularly feeling the heat.

How does climate change affect Canada?

With the rise in global temperatures, our nation has experienced a higher rate of warming than most other regions of the world and this appears to be affecting Canadians personal lives in one way or another.

From a pool of over 10,000 respondents, Caddle conducted a Rapid Research survey about Canadians thoughts towards climate change. The results – 63% of Canadians agreed that climate change has impacted their way of life. Additionally, social media is a significant contributing factor to Canadians awareness about climate change and is a primary source for their education on the topic:

  • 37.8% of Canadians say that social media plays a significant role in keeping them up-to-date about climate change 
  • 55.7% of Gen Z’ers say social media plays a significant role in keeping them up-to-date about climate change 
  • 39.2% of Millennials say social media plays a significant role in keeping them up-to-date about climate change

Smart brands are shifting towards becoming eco-friendly companies to raise awareness about climate change and to make a tangible difference. Sharing these changes over social media can help a brand change perception and build affinity with today’s consumer and increase brand awareness. 

Our solutions can help provide you with the insights you need to promote green businesses (without greenwashing) that will benefit both your brand health and the health of the planet.

Here are a few of our favourite brands going green and the social buzz they’ve stirred:

Eco-friendly companies: Seventh Generation

This laundry detergent company is taking a different route to the traditional spin cycle and is promoting green businesses through online branding. 

By using the hashtags #ComeClean and #GenerationGood their creating conversations about going green with ingredients and packaging. Since then, the company has received numerous awards for dedicating to helping the environment.

Eco-friendly companies: Patagonia

You’d hope an outdoor apparel company would be an eco-friendly company. Despite admitting that they have used fossil fuels in the past, Patagonia has promoted eco-friendly initiatives to their customers, employees and mission statement. 

Additionally, take a look through their online branding on Twitter and you’ll see environmentally conscious content riddled all over their feed.

Eco-friendly companies: TOMS

The popular shoe brand isn’t just supporting those by donating a portion of their sales to children who can’t afford shoes, but they’re also increasing brand awareness with the environmentally-conscious EARTHWISE products. 

On their social platforms, you can learn all about how their products are eco-friendly.

Eco-friendly companies: [Insert your brand name here]

So we’ve shown you that Canadians feel affected by climate change and look to brands who are more eco-conscious and inform them over social media.

It’s time you put the social in corporate social responsibility and tell consumers what contribution you are making as a brand, and help educate and inform them about our planet.  

At Caddle we can provide you with the insight solutions you need to best promote your eco-friendly business through online branding and rank among top leaders who are also contributing to the cause.

If you want to learn about how you can do that, drop us a line here.

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*Disclaimer: all data presented is owned by Caddle and has a Margin of Error of 1% or lower.

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