Last updated on August 20, 2021

The concept of saving money is nothing new to Canadians, and according to Statista, about 60% of Canadian consumers that use online platforms for saving money, specifically used loyalty programs.

In July, Caddle asked our panel of Canadians prevalent questions pertaining to loyalty programs and their strategies for saving money.

Many different grocery stores and retailers are introducing and strengthening their reward programs in hope to sway consumers into shopping at their stores. Better yet, to continue to shop at their locations on a regular basis. With loyalty in mind and the frenzy of saving money in the mind of consumers, how exactly is the concept of loyalty programs working for retailers?

More Often Than Not

“Your total is $52.38, do you happen to have a loyalty card with us?” When we asked Canadians how frequently they use loyalty reward cards, specifically for grocery purchases, a majority (31%) responded a few times a week! Fo