Last updated on August 6, 2021

Whether it’s to experience different cultures, admire new landscapes, or even visit family members- travel is an experience that many Canadians partake in. With the COVID-19 pandemic making travel inaccessible to most, Caddle wanted to determine whether Canadians intend on travelling now that restrictions begin to loosen. This month we asked our panel of over 8,500 Canadians what their intentions surrounding travel would be in the future. 

Current Travel in Canada

Fully vaccinated foreign nationals may be allowed to enter the country for discretionary travel if they meet specific criteria. On August 9th, American citizens and permanent residents of the United States that meet specific criteria can enter, on September 7th all foreign nationals may enter who are fully vaccinated, and the 3-night hotel stopover will be eliminated for all travellers arriving by air on August 9th. This is exciting news for travellers to look forward to!

According to StatCan, Canadians took 363,200 return trips home from abroad in May- an 11% monthly increase! But, will this number continue to increase or are Canadians content with their staycations?

Up, Up, and Away!

Bathing suit, check! Sunscreen, check! Passport, check! Friends to go with… not check. Caddle asked Canadians if they planned on travelling in the near future and the majority of respondents (60%) agree they will be remaining at home! Looks like we will be rubbing sunscreen on our own backs.

Do you have any planned vacations within the next 6 months?

Just Wing It!

With insights on how many Canadians have planned trips in the near future, Caddle also wanted to determine how Canadians are responding to the ease in restrictions. About 28% of respondents agree that they will be travelling this year due to an ease in restrictions, however, 33% will not! With fewer people travelling, it looks like we have to cancel the girl’s trip.

How do you feel about the statement: “I will take more vacations this year due to the ease in restrictions?”

Personal Airplane Mode: ON

Since Canadians are showing signs of hesitation when it comes to travel, Caddle wanted to identify the reason. We asked Canadians what emotions they associate with the ease of Covid-19 restrictions. The leading response was the feeling of anxiety (23.5%), closely followed by happiness (22.5%), and sadness (13.4%). Could this be because Canadians are anxious to get back to normal? Or are we happy about the new changes?

Which emotion do you most associate with the ease in COVID-19 restrictions?

To conclude, most Canadians are not in a hurry to take their vacation days. For those who are, we wish you safe and happy travels!

Main Takeaways

No.1 |

The majority of Canadians have not planned any trips in the near future and do not plan on travelling this year.

No.2 |

The ease in restrictions is causing conflicting emotions in Canadians, however, the majority feel anxious or happy.

*Disclaimer: all data presented is owned by Caddle and has a Margin of Error of 1% or lower.

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