Last updated on February 13, 2023

Are you tired of waiting for reviews to roll in for your products? Are traditional methods of review collection too slow, expensive, and time-consuming? Look no further than Caddle’s Reviews-as-a-Subscription (RaaS) product. With RaaS, brands are able to capture verified reviews on auto-pilot without incentivizing the purchase of the product. 

Caddle, a trusted panel of Canadian consumers, has spent 5+ years building a platform that offers the most cost-effective way to generate honest, verified, and quality reviews. RaaS mines and matches thousands of receipts that are organically uploaded to Caddle daily to your submitted list of qualified products that could benefit from reviews. Ratings and reviews are then collected and cleansed through Caddle’s platform before being syndicated through Bazaarvoice, Walmart, or our Partner Network.

Why are Reviews Important for Your Brand

Receiving reviews faster for your brands translates to increased conversion and consistency for products to stay top of fold.  It also ensures seasonal and limited life products remain top of the fold before the season or lifecycle ends. Traditional methods of review collection through sampling are too slow, costly, time-consuming,and don’t offer consistency over-time.

How We Can Help

With the current economic climate and rising digital advertising costs (source: Hunch Ads), it’s more important than ever to look into cost-effective solutions such as generating product reviews. RaaS not only drives awareness but also conversions in a cost-effective way. In fact, multiple Fortune 500 FMCG brands witnessed a 25% increase in add-to-cart as a result of an increase in reviews through RaaS.

Our recent major product update has increased the number of receipt matches by 42% to 310%, meaning you get ratings and reviews faster and more of your products qualify for RaaS. We achieved this by optimizing our receipt recognition technology and this translates to faster results for increased review consistency. Our newest breakthrough ensures your seasonal and limited-life products remain top of the fold before the season or lifecycle ends.

You can leverage this solution to consistently keep your products top of the fold in the most cost-effective way while driving conversions, too so don’t wait any longer.  

Why Caddle?

Caddle is trusted by the largest brands in the world because of our market-leading speed, cost, and above all else – the scale and diversity of our first-party panel. Caddle’s disruptive mobile-first model attracts Canadians from every walk of life, enabling brands unprecedented access to consumers at every stage of the consumer journey.

So, discover how to get started with RaaS or Targeted Reviews today. Book a call with Caddle and start seeing results for your brand.

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