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Last updated on July 12, 2021

Caddle launched a first-of-its-kind eCommerce Canadian Grocery Retail Tracker, looking at consumer preference across all of the major online Canadian grocery retailers.

What’s in the data?

The data is weighted by region, gender, and age, based on the most recent Canadian census figures to ensure that the sample reflects Canada’s population. This report summarizes the results for 5 weeks of data collection, which includes 7,209 completed surveys.

Key Takeaways

No.1 |

Out of 11 eCommerce grocery retailers, the winner was no surprise. Amazon takes 1st place in 7 of 12 measured attributes, and top 3 in 11 of 12 attributes.

No.2 |

50% of consumers access home delivery and click & collect equally when it comes to online grocery shopping. Both avenues must be optimized and are critical to winning in eCommerce.

No.3 |

1 in 2 consumers are likely to use a different retailer next time they shop for groceries online.

No.4 |

Loyalty is low and consumers are trying different providers.

*Disclaimer: all data presented is owned by Caddle and has a Margin of Error of 1% or lower.

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